Covid 19

This year, as last year, the Fadder Festival will be a little different.
Several smaller events are planned and they will be spread around
the campus and in the city center to prevent large crowds. The number of participants per event will follow national and local recommendations.
We work to give you a social and festive start to the year
without covid-19 spreading!
We have gone for a new strategy this year, where the plan is to divide the fadder festival into three areas, with varied program at each site. There will be two areas on Campus Ullandhaug, and one in the city center , says Fadderpresident Mille Marie Isaksen Lillemoen.

The Fadder festival has introduced a number of measures to prevent a potential spread of covid-19 among the students of the fadder week, but much of the responsibility falls on you who participate.
Frequent and thorough hand washing, frequent use of disinfectant and keeping a distance of at least 1 meter is absolutely essential to limit infection. It is equally important that if you feel ill, or have symptoms such as a sore throat, decreased sense of taste or fever, you must stay at home.

The fadder festival also makes arrangements to be able to assist the municipality with infection detection in the event of an outbreak. This means that we need the full name, e-mail and telephone number of all participants at all events throughout the fadder festival week.

If you have further questions about the coronavirus and infection control, you can contact us directly, or call FHI's information telephone. If you suspect infection or worsening disease, contact Stavanger Emergency Room, and with acute illness, contact 113.

FHI's information telephone: 81555015
Stavanger Emergency Room: 116117
Ambulance: 113

You can read more about symptoms and covid-19 her!

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